ToyFX hologram display box    |   ToyFX全息特效模玩展示盒


模玩特效展示盒 Pro | Holobox Pro


Pro series display boxes are suitable for most toy fans. The series of boxes are 29cm high, which can support most of the models, with the built-in LED lights to show the cool special effects effects. The Pro box can be increased to 35cm high, even if 1/6 figure such as Hottoys can be placed easily.

Proシリーズディスプレイボックスおもちゃのファンのために最も適しています。ボックスは29cmは高く、モデルのほとんどを支持することができる、特殊効果の影響を示すために、内蔵するledライトが付いている。Proボックスは35cm高を増加させることができるように、Hottoys 1/6フィギュアの配置を容易に行うことができる。


模玩特效展示盒 Adv | Holobox Adv


The Adv series box is ToyFX's first special effects display box all-in-one. The box has its own projection device, which allows players to use the smart phone or tablet PC for control, which is more convenient and quick to experience the pleasure brought by naked eye special effects. The biggest advantage of this series is that when playing special effects, there is no need to use the player's electronic device.


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